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Dance Forms

Ric Banks Dance Academy offers an extensive range of dance forms, ensuring that there is something for everyone, regardless of their preferences or skill levels. Whether you have a passion for Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zumba, hip-hop, or even Yoga, rest assured that there is a class available to cater to your interests. They also offer specially designed classes for kids, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for young dancers to express their creativity and enhance their abilities. Experience the incredible joy of dancing within a nurturing and lively community by becoming a member of Ric Banks Dance Academy.

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Welcome to Ric Banks Dance and Fitness Studio – Your Gateway to Dance and Fitness in Dubai

Embrace the Rhythm of Life at Dubai's Premier Dance Academy

Get ready to groove at Dubai's coolest dance academy! We've covered your moves whether you're all about that Salsa sizzle, the Bachata beat, or the Zumba zoom. Private or group - your choice, your pace!

Unleash Your Inner Dancer in Dubai with Ric Banks Dance and Fitness Studio

For years, Ric Banks has been an integral part of Dubai's dance scene, but we're more than that. We're a vibrant dance community. Whether you're a parent searching for thrilling dancing options for your children or an adult searching for dance enchantment, we have what you're searching for.

A Variety of Dance Forms to Make Your Step Sing

Imagine yourself effortlessly moving from one dance style to another, whether it's Salsa, bachata, afro beats, Ballroom, Zumba, Kizomba, or tango private dance classes! With a dedication to fostering your potential and sparking your enthusiasm for dancing, our seasoned instructors will guide you in creating the dance career of your dreams.

An Oasis of Fun and Learning

Our sessions are more than just dancing; they're an opportunity to have fun and learn new things. Immerse yourself in the world of exciting dancing classes where you may participate actively and have a blast while making new memories with every move. We have the ideal class for everyone, from complete novices learning their first steps to seasoned pros looking to hone their techniques.

An Exquisite Weave of Dance Mastery

In addition to providing a learning environment, our Dubai dance school serves as a platform for artists of all skill levels to collaborate on creative projects. Learn about the friendships and camaraderie that may be formed in our dance community and how it can assist you. When you train with expert dancers and choreographers, you can expect an unforgettable experience.

What are you waiting for? Embrace the beat of life and move to the beat of the music. Come and be a part of our dance community today to open up a world of possibilities. If you're looking for a place to learn salsa, bachata, Afrobeats, or any other kind of dance, go no further than Ric Banks Dance and Fitness Studio.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to dance the night away in Dubai, so take it. 

Our dance academy offers a safe space for people of all ages and skill levels to learn, express themselves, and have fun while dancing.

Come to Ric Banks Dance and Fitness Studio with us, where we will teach you dance steps that are like a hidden masterpiece. Step into the world of dancing!

Unearth the world of possibilities waiting for you on the dance floor.

Discover the art of dance in Dubai – where age is just a number and passion knows no boundaries. With a splendid array of dance classes, our best dance classes in Dubai  cater to all ages and interests.

Salsa Classes

Come to our Salsa dance classes in Dubai and dive into the passionate, seductive world of salsa! Using sensual steps and pulsating rhythms, our professional dance instructors will teach you everything from the fundamentals to show-stopping routines. Come and experience the thrill of this mesmerizing Latin dance form with us, where every step is filled with pleasure and elegance, whether you're a complete novice or a seasoned dancer.


Bachata is a dance style with its roots in the Dominican Republic; Dubai's Dance Studios is the place to experience it live. The seductive hip swing and distinctive three-step pattern of this couple's dance tell a story of seduction and seduction. The mesmerizing guitar melodies and profoundly moving lyrics of Bachata music will captivate you as you master the art of moving your upper and lower body in enticing harmony. Welcome to the mesmerizing Bachata dance classes in Dubai with us!


Tango is a passionate dance that reflects the spirit of Argentina, and you can experience its ferocity in Dubai. An enchanting connection between dancers is created in the tango, an intimate ballroom waltz, through the wordless language of looks and gestures. Our tango dance classes in Dubai provide a supportive environment where you can learn the dance at your own pace. Tango is a doorway to joyful movement that anybody, regardless of age, can use for fitness, stress alleviation, or making new friends. Are you up for tango?


Our Afrobeats dance classes will transport you to the heart of Africa right here in Dubai! Afrobeats is a powerful eulogy for rhythm and movement that encourages free expression with kinetic rhythms and energetic movements. Our energetic programs are great for people of all ages since they combine physical exercise with entertainment and cultural elements. Afrobeats dance classes in Dubai are a thrilling urban dancing style that can help you relax, meet new people, or simply move to the beat.


Step into the elegance of ballroom dancing in Dubai, where grace meets rhythm. Our classes offer a tapestry of timeless dances, each with its own charm and poise. Join us for exciting and encouraging ballroom dance classes in Dubai, where you can learn all the steps of the romantic waltz and the vibrant quickstep. These courses are great for people of all ages since they combine exercise with socializing and a good time. Ride the floor in elegance with us!


Ignite your spirit with Zumba dance classes in Dubai, a dance fitness party that pulsates with fun and energy! Zumba is a thrilling dance fitness program that anybody can enjoy, thanks to its infectious Latin beats and simple, accessible techniques. You may relieve tension, get in shape, and become a part of a dynamic community by enrolling in one of our dance classes. Zumba is a fun and engaging method to get moving and let go of inhibitions, regardless of your dancing ability.


A perfect place to lose yourself in the seductive beats of Kizomba, a dance that tells stories of love and connection. Kizomba, which has its roots in Angola, is a captivating dance style that combines soothing African rhythms with elegant footwork that anyone can learn to dance. Our classes provide a nurturing environment where you can learn this personal dancing style, emphasizing harmonic steps and nuanced body language. If you're looking for an engaging method to get in shape, have fun, or discover a new passion, Kizomba dance classes in Dubai are the perfect choice!


Experience the sensuality and intensity of Tango in a one-on-one setting with our private dancing lessons. Individualized instruction in the Argentine Tango style is available, emphasizing the dance's subtleties—the connection, the body language, and the steps—taught at your own speed and difficulty level. It is ideal for taking a personal dancing journey, honing your abilities, or discovering your rhythm. Step into the sensual embrace of the Tango private dance classes and dance to the rhythm of your heart!

Dance More, Live More: The RIC Banks Way

At RIC Banks Dance Academy, we believe in the transformative power of dance. Embracing a lifetime of joy, health, and connection is more important than simply mastering steps. Our philosophy is simple yet profound – blending the art of dance with fitness to nurture your body and soul.

Join us at RIC Banks Dance Academy, where every move is a step towards a better you. Let's dance together on this journey of wellness and joy! 🌟

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