Some of the dance forms require to be performed with partners. If you have one- it’s awesome.  However, even if you don’t have a dance partner, you can start your dance sessions.  Our professional trainers will make sure to make you learn to dance without needing a partner. 

Rick Banks Dance Academy will make you feel confident about dancing with their professional dance teachers even if you are hesitant to dance. It was founded with a love for dance. With a passion for dance and the belief in making it learning easy and enjoyable, we help students to learn techniques and dance confidently. Whether it is being an international dancer or even creating your own dance performance - at Rick Banks Dance Academy, dreams are turned into reality.

The number of classes or the time needed will depend on how many dances & which dance you want to learn. It also depends on how proficient you wish to become in each dance, your speed, and your ability to learn. However, you will feel the difference in your first lesson!

The dance package totally varies according to several factors: how proficient you want to be, which dances you want to learn, the number of days and weeks in your dance schedule, etc.

We are committed to making you learn to dance with ease rather than making it a business. Our pricings are definitely worthy of what skill we provide you.

While clothing can be a personal preference, we recommend you wear anything you are comfortable with and can make moves with flexibility. Leggings, shirts, and blouses are great and work well. Regular Fit Jeans can also go with. 

Shoes – Different dance forms can require various combinations, and some dance forms require heels. However, in the early lesson, we suggest you wear comfortable flat shoes such as leisure trainers. If further special shoes are required, we will notify you.