Private Salsa Classes in Dubai – Maximum Efficiency & 100% Attention to You!

Salsa is a folk Cuban dance, very popular in Dubai clubs and restaurants. Private classes of salsa at Ric Banks Dance Academy will allow you to study the variety of salsa figures, learn improvisational dance, so that you can easily dance salsa with any partner.

What is good in private salsa classes in Dubai at Ric Banks Dance Academy?

  1. Private classes of salsa and other Latin American dances favorably differs from group ones in that the coach pays attention to your needs and mistakes. During the classes, our teacher will dance with you in pairs, will tell you what you need to correct in order to correctly do steps and rotations.
  2. In addition, it is important that during your training you can stick to your pace of work. If you learn slowly, the teacher will patiently explain the material from different points of view, until you learn the material. If you grasp everything on the fly, you will be given more and more complex elements then.
  3. For private classes, you can choose your own, convenient time for training, which is especially important for working people and for parents with young children in Dubai.
  4. No more excuse as we are even ready to send you our teacher to your doorstep in Dubai (can be discussed).

There are no people who could not learn to dance salsa. Very often not experienced dancers complain of poor coordination and plasticity and share fears that they will not be able to learn salsa. If you think that you are not created for dancing, most likely you are mistaken. So far, in our dance center, we have not met a single person who could not learn salsa during our private classes in Dubai! Everything depends only on your perseverance.


So if you are interested in to learn salsa with private classes in Dubai contact us on +971 52 292 2356.

Private salsa classes