How To Be More Confident On Your First Wedding Dance?

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The first dance is certainly an emotional saga of your wedding. But have you prepared for it? It is a moment to shine on the dance floor and countless couples have enrolled to Ric Banks wedding dance classes in Dubai. By doing so, you’ll mug up each step and attain perfection. You know what they say, it is better to be prepared in advance than facing a series of disappointments. After all, your wedding is a tale you’ll remember for the rest of your life. You surely don’t want to face discontent after your marriage.

Ric Banks wedding dance is not only restricted to couples, our studio is also open to bridesmaids and best men. Thus, providing you with a privilege to take your wedding dance a step further. It’s the kind of magic you’d definitely want to capture on camera. From couple dance to ultimate mashup, Ric Banks is prepared for everything and personally foresees you’re prepared to deliver an emotional & touchy moment.

Here are the small little things you can do to make your first dance a memorable one.

(A) PICK UP A MOST SUBTLE WEDDING DANCE STYLE. There are many dance forms you can learn at Ric Banks like Salsa, Bachata, Ballroom, and Kizomba. But it is recommended to choose the one that suits you perfectly and you’ll love to do it on your wedding day. Learning dancing is more like learning a new language and two months of training is enough to gain fluency.

(B) DON’T CHOOSE HARD DANCING SONG. Your song should not be too fast and not too slow. A romantic melody with great lyrics is a comfortable realization and couples tend to dance pretty well on it. So before you select a romantic song for a wedding dance, it is suggested to give each one a try and choose wisely.

(C) DECIDE THE PERFECT LENGTH. Customarily, a wedding dance lies somewhere around three (at least) which is more than enough otherwise your guest will be bored. Think for a second, you’ll be repeating the same steps and can make your dance feel awkward. Unless you’re quite a veteran in dance, we’d recommend that you consider 2-3 minutes of wedding dancing. It will be a special one for sure.

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