Can I Do Salsa with No Knowledge at All? Salsa Classes in Dubai

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Salsa Classes in Dubai

Salsa has always been considered an intriguing dance form and the majority of people think that it takes years to master it. What if we tell you that even you can do Salsa with only a month of practice? That’s right, all it takes is your dedication to learn and practice. If you are attentive to the beat and the movement of the body, you’ll see a great improvement in yourself in a span of months.

At RIC BANKS DANCE ACADEMY, we are renowned as one of the best centers for Salsa classes in Dubai. Since the dancing lesson is being managed by a team of experienced dancers who understand the individual goal and teaches you with utmost interest, as a learner, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of our Salsa classes which evidently shape you to become the better version.

4 Things To Know Before Starting Salsa Lesson In Dubai

#1 Age Is No Restriction – Many think of Salsa as a ‘dance for young’ but in reality, it is the ‘dance of everyone’. Learning Salsa is exhilarating and age is certainly not a restriction. But remember one thing: you have to constantly work on the basics and fundamentals to be on another level.

#2 There Is No Fancy Dress Code – Salsa is a dance that teaches you a true sense of freedom and you can come to classes in your casual attire. You don’t need to follow a fancy dress code but it is recommended to wear a comfortable shoe. Sneakers are certainly a good choice for Salsa dancing as you can easily move and twirl.

#3 Warm Up and Stretch – If you are a beginner or at the learning state, you’ve got to warm up your body or stretch for at least 10 minutes. Many dancing injuries happen because people don’t prepare their body for this type of physical activity. Stretching increases the range of motion, minimizes the risk of falling, and also reduces muscle tension.

#4 Maintain A Proper Hygiene – Even a world-class Salsa dancer won’t be able to dance properly if he/she doesn’t have good hygiene. Avoid excessive drinking or eating and wear fresh sets of clothes. Besides, good hygiene does reflect your persona in a better way.

If You Have The Vibe, You Got To Give Salsa A Try. How about we show a perfect glimpse of salsa classes in Dubai? Let’s get it rolling at

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