Is Overweight Your Worst Enemy? Defeat It with Zumba Classes in Dubai

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Those who take Zumba dance classes in Dubai stay fit, happy, and vigorous all year. Ever wondered why? Zumba is an excellent alternative to the traditional fitness regime. It is fun and excellent for weight loss. A single Zumba session burns up to 600-1000 calories. Hence, if you crave to tone your entire body, Zumba classes are one of the best ways to achieve that. Many consider it a fitness dance party that maximizes fun and effectiveness.

“When people come to our studio for Zumba, they just let it go. In that moment, they stop being worried about what happened at work, today or tomorrow and cut loose in the music.” – Ric Banks

Above and beyond, Zumba is an activity that helps in maintaining a sound cardiovascular, respiratory system and comes with certain aerobic benefits too. A good example of aerobic exercise includes high-intensity interval training and heavy weightlifting, which move your entire body. Thus, Zumba dance classes in Dubai strengthens bones, burns fat, builds muscle, and maintains muscle mass.

So how is it different than the gym? In the gym, you are basically confined to equipment, and there’s a lack of aerobic exercise. You pay closer attention to your muscles rather than your flexibility. Zumba, like any good party, is all about social interaction and creating a community that shares the common interest i.e., self-improvement with fun. The invigorating music combined with fun moves creates truly contagious energy. Some of the characteristic difference between Zumba and gym are:

Zumba Yields a Quick Result. Compared to the gym, Zumba is vigorous in nature, and in an hour, you lose 300-600 calories. Hence, if you are looking for a parid result, Zumba is the perfect option. Besides, with our Zumba classes in Dubai, many people have experienced an improved emotional state which revives and revitalizes them for the next day.

Fun and Socializing. The fantastic thing about Zumba is that you won’t even notice the full-body workout you’re receiving. It is something you can afford and evidently becomes part of your lifestyle. And if you like socializing, you’ll love Zumba for sure.

There’s no harm in adding rhythm to your fitness quest. Ric Banks Zumba Classes in Dubai is designed to bring people together and managed by a team of proficient instructors. Sign up today at

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