Your Fascinating Salsa Move Can Steal the Heart of Spectators

Private Salsa Classes Dubai
Join Private Salsa Classes Dubai – Your First Dance Shall Be a Lifetime Romance
September 2, 2019
Ric Banks Dance Academy DUBAI
Don’t Sit & Watch. Get up and Groove with Dance Classes in Dubai
September 9, 2019
Salsa Dance Classes Dubai

Does your inner desire shout out to become a salsa dancer? If yes, then you must join our salsa classes in Dubai. No wonder salsa dancing is full of essence and can set your dance floor on fire, but to be brilliant in salsa dancing, you’ve got to catch up with your own beat. Above and beyond, a great salsa dancer will be a fabulous show-starter and showstopper.

Dance is basically a language of style and steps. At Ric Banks salsa classes in Dubai, our teachers facilitate your wonderful moves and help you to gain perfection. Through every new step, you feel the vibe and zing and sooner you will become the center of attraction. Besides, learning salsa dance takes your personality to a whole new level. It is erotic, socialistic, builds confidence, healthy and extremely popular. Though it is easy to learn, it is also a full-body workout.

The key façade of a good salsa dancer is the power which has to be well-positioned and toned. If you are a leader, you need to hold your partner comfortably, just like a handshake, with nice and firm gripping. Excessive pressure or strength can hurt a person. Also, as a partner, you want your partner to follow the right move with supportive frames.

Other than power, our salsa class Dubai also teaches you precision. It is important to make sure that your dance is intentional, not accidental and you along with your partner get a clear idea of winging or long steps. The precision of salsa dancing can make the entire dance look magnificent.

Let’s catch up with the speed, shall we? That’s right speed is equally as important as precision in fast-paced salsa dance. One should be able to dance accordingly to fast music otherwise it would look sloppy and uncooperative.

Once you learn how to do salsa, you have the skill to take it anywhere in the world. Besides, it’s a famous partner dance and no matter where you go, you will definitely find a salsa club. To join Ric Banks salsa classes in Dubai, do visit us at

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