Yoga Classes in Dubai

Yoga classes in Dubai in Al Barsha – you are more than welcomed to join them in the mornings and evenings. The Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a practice that synchronizes your breath with the movements, linking each pose to an inhale/an exhale. Improves flexibility, strengthen muscles and relieves stress. Cardio workout.

Ashtanga Vinyasa  is recognized as the most powerful, sweeping away all obstacles in the way of a man for the better to himself.

Ashtanga-yoga differs from other directions of Hatha Yoga. So this is vinyasa: the principle of connecting the movement of the body with breathing. Vinyasas are designed to connect asanas (body postures) into a single continuous stream. The body flows from one position to another, asanas like beads are threaded onto a single string of breath.

Another feature of this style is that a person tries to reach the required level with all his might, thus training endurance, purposefulness, and willpower, which leads to building up the power of the Spirit.

It is preferable not to change the chosen day and to stick to a fixed schedule. This way the mind will get used, the lesson given will be much easier and the body will adapt faster.

We are providing regular morning and evening, urban yoga classes, in Al Barsha at Ric Banks Dance Academy. So just come and try it once and you might stay with it forever for urban yoga Dubai.

Duration of the class – 60 minutes.

Don’t hesitate but just call us to join our yoga classes in Dubai.

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