The Charisma of Afro Dance Gets Your Feet Tapping

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Ric Banks Afro Dance Class is taking Dubai by storm, and people love it for their artistic & distinctive nature. The footwork within this dance style is exceptionally challenging, which takes place to the beat of drums. But once you master the afrobeat dance regime, it sets the mood and brings everyone together.

Just like each dance form has its own character, afrobeat dance is majorly remarked as a unifying factor for tribes on special occasions. There’s a traditionalism & ethnicity to it which is passed from generation to generation and even contributes to the existing afro dance.

In afrobeat dance, you use your body to indicate a powerful aura. It includes waist winding and hip-shaking. Since much of the afro dance aroused from African heritage, it pays transcendent emphasis to aesthetics and different drum rhythms. However, dances that began in Africa now have evolved across continents.

The four characteristics of afrobeat dance: (a) It’s a multi-unit dance form where heads & arms move to one rhythmic pattern. (b) It is percussive; the dancer must interpret the rhythmic nature of the music. (c) It’s a socialistic dance form. Afrobeat dance is not a solo dance form and usually danced along in a group. (d) Lastly, afro dance is a call & response dance form.

At Ric Banks, we make sure that you learn afro dancing from the best dancer in the town. Our vibrant and diverse dance studio welcomes everyone who has a passion for dance & fitness. Thanks to the recent surge in popularity, our afrobeat dance in Dubai is accessible for everyone and has many advantages too.

The factors that set Ric Banks apart are:

  • Professional Facility and Caring Environment.
  • Highly qualified and Trained Instructors.
  • Professional Quality Sprung Dance Floors and Sound System.
  • Ric Banks Dance Studio is located in a Convenient Location.

All in all, with Ric Banks, you make the most of your African dance class. Besides Afro Dance, Ric Banks also specializes in Salsa, Bachata, Hop-hop, Afrobeat, Yoga, Karate, and Ballet. New Batch Starting Soon, Join Today.

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