Simple Kizomba Dancing Moves To Curl In Any Party

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Kizomba is being danced in many clubs, especially in pairs and it’s the man who asks a woman – may I have the pleasure to dance with you? Learning some of the Kizomba dance moves does give you the privilege to make the first impression and also motivates you to dance in style. Kizomba is an African style dance form with easy to learn steps. It is mostly cherished with heavy drum beats, and also with slow romantic rhythms. One can easily learn the basic moves and add their own flair.

Is it hard to learn Kizomba? The steps in Kizomba are smooth, but the move sometimes depends on the dancer’s personal style. At Ric Banks Kizomba classes Dubai, one can learn beginner level Kizomba and veteran level Kizomba. Though there are many movements to learn, however for a beginner following basic steps is certainly a great starter.

(a) Basic One and Two Steps. In this dance movement, a dancer lifts the left & right leg interchangeably by following the beat of the melody. In 1-2 basic steps, one may move laterally, forward, make a swing from left to right or right to left. This is a great show starter and dancers can also bring artistic erotic movements too.

(b) Basic man out. In this movement, the partners make the 1-2-3 step movement. A man pulls the woman right side and moves freely forward. The partner then returns to the face to face stand and is a normal basic one & two-step.

(c) Women Out. It’s a three step movement which is done by turning man’s body to the left side and then the man pulls woman’s body rightward to his left leg laterally. Afterwards, the man pulls a woman body to the leftward and meets him when he joins his left leg with right leg.

(d) U-Turn by a woman in two steps by spinning her back to the man. It is a forward and backward movement where the man spins the woman clockwise while moving backwards. Consequently, a woman follows the man by making two steps with right leg; spinning clockwise & moving backwards after making the U-turn.

Experiencing Kizomba is much better than reading about it. How about you pay a visit to our dance studio and we’ll show you everything about this fabulous dance genre. Other than catering Kizomba classes Dubai for an individual and group, Ric Banks also specializes in salsa, ballet, Zumba, jive and even conduct fitness classes.

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