Master The Art Of Dance At The Ric Banks Dance Academy

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March 11, 2020
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RIC Dance Academy

The RIC Banks dance academy Dubai has carefully curated the best team of instructors to achieve perfect results. Our dancing classes will help you lose the extra weight you have put on and lead you in achieving heights towards your passion. Dance is an amazing opportunity that will help you get rid of stress, maintain your health, and prolong your beauty and youth.

We offer several classes that will surely educate, excite, and educate you. The RIC Banks dance academy Dubai is where you can turn your passion for dance into something productive for you. Stay in shape with our classes. Our carefully curated classes will enhance your dance forms, teach you new forms of dance, and will transform you into a virtuoso on the dance floor.

There are special activities designed for kids at the studio as well that include karate, ballet, playing the guitar, and gymnastics among many others. Students can opt for either individual or group classes. Some of the dance forms that we offer are Salsa, Ballroom, Bachata, Ballet, Hip hop, Kizomba, and so on. Dance is more than just body movements but it is a form of discipline that ignites your inner rhythm. The RIC Banks has developed a strong name and is recognized for its professionalism, unique choreography dance academy Dubai, and in entertaining masses. The classes, events, and workshops conducted by the RIC studio have always had a high attendance of students waiting eagerly to learn the art of dance by the RIC team.


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