Karate Classes in Dubai

Certainly, karate classes in Dubai  at Ric Banks Dance Academy will be one of the best choices.

Karate – this is a Japanese’ self-defense system that can be used by every child. Even weak children, who have poor eyesight or asthmatic bronchitis, become strong and dexterous after a year of training.

Why should kids practice karate classes in Dubai?

First of all, karate is an excellent system of psycho-physical training, which helps to channel the child’s energy into the right direction. Classes include gymnastics, stretching, work on the development of memory and mindfulness as well as discipline. They also teach to be disciplined and adapt to a different age groups.

Moreover, karate for kids in Dubai will reduce the sitting time at the computer. The child will also have the opportunity to communicate more with peers. In addition, the child will become stronger, more disciplined, self-confident, will be loyal to the weak and defeated.

How many kids should be in a group for practicing karate?

As a rule, the karate kids’ group includes about twenty participants of different ages – those who have just started studying and those who have not been a beginner for a long time. All of them are engaged in the same group in order that the younger ones have a role model, and the older ones learn to transfer their knowledge and skills to the beginners.

What should be clothes for karate classes in Dubai?

On the first lesson, you can wear a normal tracksuit or a T-shirt and trousers. The classes are carried out without shoes.

Our talented teachers will teach your kids not only karate but also discipline, patience, sociability, a joy of movement and coordination. Do you still have any questions? Call us now at  +971 52 292 2356. Dubai.

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