Join Private Salsa Classes Dubai – Your First Dance Shall Be a Lifetime Romance

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Salsa Dance Classes Dubai
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Private Salsa Classes Dubai

The majority of couples get inspired by seeing beautiful pictures and videos on the internet. And the reason you are here is that you are inspired too for your upcoming wedding. A wedding is more like an enchanted dream where you desire everything to be perfect. However, besides the decorations and alluring ambiance, how you perform your first dance ultimately determines how you remember your wedding day and you don’t want it to be a nightmare.

RicBanks wedding dance classes in Dubai are being managed by a team of professionals who first understand the bride & groom vision for their wedding and then bring you a personalized dance lesson. After learning some great moves, you thrive your wedding in your style.

Among all of our dance classes, salsa needs no introduction and is quite a trendsetter among couples for their first wedding dance. Salsa is danced internationally, greatly sets the floor on fire and the dance form is a perfect combination of etiquettes & styles. Since dance is how we choose to remember, we take time to know couples at a personal level and then bring you the moves that are easy to learn & quite remarkable.

Salsa is all about maintaining your balance and posture and how you walk & move evidently decides how your dance will be. The couple, who had RicBanks wedding classes in Dubai, admitted that they were much more confident. Our private salsa classes help you to achieve the utmost perfection with ever moves and glide.

Think for a second: the moment you hit the floor, all eyes will be on you and our salsa wedding dance classes in Dubai can make your first dance as husband & wife a spectacular one.

Our private salsa classes for wedding dance is open for everyone. Contact us for a well-thought consideration on what kind of music you are planning to dance on your wedding day. It’s recommended that you start at least 6 to 12 weeks earlier than your wedding day. Once we decide with the song of your choice, we will set up a choreographed routine. Other than salsa, you may also go for bachata, ballroom and Kizomba dance classes. To explore all your options, do stop by at

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