Is Zumba a Stress Buster or Fat Buster, Or Best of Both World

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Among all of our fitness regime, Zumba Dance Classes in Dubai are people beloved chant for the reason that it incorporates rhythm to calorie-burning moves. Other than being fun & exhilarating, Zumba is a great cardio exercise and so much better than clocking hours on the treadmill. It is a full-body workout for everyone, brings out your inner enthusiasm, and encourages wilderness.

The Science of Zumba Dance. Zumba is great because of the music involved with it. All the Zumba songs are upbeat music, and when people hear good music, it brings them joy and urges them to get up & dance. In the end, you’ll leave the workout room smiling. You don’t even realize all the calories you’re burning from the inside. Indeed, there’s a variety to it. At Ric Banks, we keep our Zumba classes fresh and enlivening with a mix of pop hits. Since there’s a continuous improvement in choreography, it never gets old.

The word Zumba (ZOOM BAH) means Move Fast and an hour of Zumba classes can burn almost 400 to 600 hundred calories. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Zumba is the best of both worlds – Stress Buster or Fat Buster. The head & shoulder loosen you up & warn up the body. The footwork strengthens & stretches calves & ankle. In a week, you build-up a strong anaerobic endurance and maintain a good cardiovascular respiratory system.

For many, Ric Banks Zumba classes in Dubai are ideally suited for overall body toning. Since Zumba hauls you entirely, you’d be able to tone your whole body in a couple of weeks or months. Although exercise, in general, is supposed to eradicate stress, Zumba just makes it more effective. Dancing to loud upbeat music in a room full of passionate people boosts your confidence and is addicting.

Come join the party and Find out the fun. Zumba isn’t a cliché workout. It is popular around the globe and has such a positive reputation. For more details on Ric Banks Zumba Dance Class in Dubai, do Visit us at

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