How to Pick a Good Pair of Dancing Shoes?

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It hardly matters whether you are dancing as a professional, amateur or just for fun, but the right fit of shoes does matter a lot. When a diverse set of musical instruments are used to create a rhyme, appealing voice notes used to bring out the beauty of lyrics, eventually a nice pair of dancing shoes will enhance your look on the dance floor.

We have been in the dancing arena for years and we have always been at the front of bringing you information on how to improve your dance experience. As an art school based in Dubai and one that teaches various forms of dances, ourselves are consumers of dancing shoes. Therefore, we are willing to share our experience when it comes to quality brands, professional dancing costumes, accessories and shoes from the world’s leading brands.

A good pair of dancing shoes is designed to provide optimum comfort during dancing. Additionally, dance shoes provide classiness that is so much part of the taste of dancing. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking part in dance lessons or dancing in a formal occasion, the right pair of dance shoes will help protect your feet while dancing; as well as transform your dancing experience from professionalism to a whole lot of fun.

There are various factors that are taken into account while designing dancing shoes. The main categories take into account whether the dancer is male or female. Therefore, let us take a look at what entails the dancing shoes of either gender.

Dancing Shoes for Men

  • For standard dances, dancing shoes for men are usually flat heel while those taking part in Latin dances may consider 1 to 2 inch heels.
  • Men dancing shoes should on most occasions be flexible and lightweight. Recommended sole design is suede soles.
  • Snuggly fit and not very tight
  • The dancing shoes can be manufactured from leather, patent leather or nubuck.

Dancing Shoes for Women

  • Women dancing shoes usually vary with the dance style. When it comes to choosing dance shoes for women in Dubai, the form should usually remain as important as the dance function. Hence a unique design is entirely defendant on whether the dance is standard, practice, duet, hip hop or Latin style.
  • Heels for women shoes are either flared or slim, and generally have heel heights of 1-3 inches.
  • Beginning women dancers can also decide to buy a flexible pair of dance shoes that could work for a variety of dancing styles. Usually, a compatible shoe pair for any dance could have heel heights of anywhere between 1.5 – 2.5 inches –flared and has an ankle strap.

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