How To Get Started with Ballroom Dance Classes Dubai?

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A ballroom is an exciting form of the dancing genre that can be done all over the world. It is suitable for wedding, first dance, high school reunions, and even country clubs. Couples do enjoy the social and competitive nature of ballroom dancing and it’s often looked like a fitness regime.

How it’s done? Flexibility is a crucial aspect of ballroom dancing. If you are not standing still, you’ll likely to stumble with constant movements & turns. A relaxed & elongated muscle leads to easier & comfortable movement. It’s a marvellous hobby for our minds & bodies. What can you do to achieve flexibility? A subtle yoga is a fantastic way to build up posture, stability and flexibility.

Why Should You Join Ric Banks Ballroom Dance Classes in Dubai? Although ballroom dance is an individual personal choice, it wouldn’t be wrong to consider it as a benefitting fitness regime. Ballroom dance is a great cardiovascular exercise too. Once you start dancing, you undergo an increase in stamina and your heart becomes steady. Also, it immensely helps in reducing stress and minimizes the amount of cortisol your brain produces.

How Do I Get Started? Getting started with ballroom is not as tricky as it seems. At Ric Banks, our expertly managed ballroom dance classes in Dubai aim to set the standard of excellence. Among professionals, you gain a prudent idea on how to define your movement & controlling your speed.

(a) WHAT TO WEAR. Ballroom dance lesson involves turning, twisting, sliding, and more. Hence, we’d suggest you wear something cozy and comfortable in which you can look & move-in confidently. For men, a polo shirt with jeans is an ideal choice. For women, a flared dress or skirt is certainly appropriate.

(b) KEEP AN OPEN MIND. Your first dance lesson can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. Hence, do not hesitate in expressing what you expect from your dance instructors. This would evidently help in creating a fun and relaxed dancing environment.

(c) BE SOCIAL. Don’t be shy to shake it off. Ballroom dancing is a societal dance, mean you’ll be dancing with people/partners. Your instructor may dance with you too so don’t be afraid of practicing with a new partner.

(d) PRIVATE OR GROUP BALLROOM DANCE LESSON. Group classes involve a larger group of people where everyone learns from one teacher. It is also a great way to socialize and meet new people. Private ballroom dance lessons are more in-depth and perfectly suited for someone seeking one-on-one learning curve. If you are unsure about which one to choose, come to our studio and try both to decide the suitable one.

Your first step to dance lesson may take a bit of courage, it will be worth it. Ric Banks is working with a team of proficient and friendly dancers who are passionate about sharing & teaching their dance moves. Besides ballroom dance, our studio also teaches salsa, bachata, yoga, Kizomba, Hip Hop, Afrobeat and many more. Sign up today!

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