Hip Hop Classes in Dubai: Learn Best Form of Dance

February 18, 2019
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May 22, 2019
Hip Hop Classes in Dubai

Hip hop has history. Rising to mainstream global standards from an underground form of expression for African Americans is no small deal. Hip Hop dance styles have evolved and on a side note, most of the hip hop dance moves can only be performed along with hip hop music. Dance crews in the United States and most especially across the streets of New York revolutionized this art form through dance battles, street funks and commercial dancing in clubs and music award openings; eventually and overtime, evolving the dance style to more varied forms of functional hip hop dances like pop and jazz funk. Hip hop dance styles features popular moves like breaking, popping and locking.

In fact, the commercialization of hip hop dance styles has been propelled by mainstream media, television shows and Hollywood films. Popular movies that led to the exposure of hip hop dancing in the early days include the Wild Style, Beat Street and Breaking. Note also that a studio version of hip hop dancing has been developed in the process; all inspired by hip hop and rap music.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice dancer or an experienced dance; Ricbanks provides the best hip hop classes in Dubai. Our classes will help shape your moves from amateurish to dancing like a star just in a matter of time. Learning hip hop moves is a dynamic experience that should be grasped over the course of time, given that hip hop dance styles are diverse, and best of all, set for improvement.

However, it is worth stating that hip hop dance styles are not the easiest type of moves you will find. It will take time and practice to really master the moves on your fingertips. The main distinguishment of hip hop dance styles remains in the fact that hip hop dances are often freestyle and can easily be improvised after one has mastered the principles. We recommend Hip hop dancing as a way of staying at the top of dancing competitions, free styling, street dance battles, acting and a means to earning a living by dancing professionally.

At Ric Banks Dance Academy, we provide dance classes that are meant to transform your moves from a shy, novice dancer to a professional dance star. Apart from hip hop dance classes, we also offer salsa dance classes in Dubai, as well as other dance classes for bachata, Kizomba, Zumba, Afro Beat, yoga, karate, ballet and Gymnastics.

RIC BANKS DANCE ACADEMY is located in Al Barsha, Dubai. It was started in 2012 by Ric who is a dancer, choreographer, innovative entrepreneur and event organizer.

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