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September 2, 2019
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Ric Banks Dance Academy DUBAI

Ever wonder why your soul thrills when you dance? Dance is a connection between mind, body and soul, and the reason it makes you feel so good is because it makes you feel so alive. Above and beyond, dancing is a great stress buster and involves stretching of muscles. Other than improving your flexibility, it boosts your energy and the blend of aerobic moves confers you the way to dance your health. Thus, a time to dance is a time to live. It’s an unfailing way to stay fit and can improve your muscle tone.

What’s Going On at Ric Banks Dance Classes in Dubai?

Dubai, a globally renowned destination, is experiencing an exhilarating change and many people have discovered ‘dancing’ a fun-filled and socialistic way to get fit. Ric Banks, reflecting the passion of dancing, is providing group and private dance classes on a variety of dance types that include salsa, bachata, hip-hop, Afrobeat, Zumba, Ballroom and many more.

Our uniqueness lies in our capability to deliver exceptionally. Students at professional dance studios seize the opportunity to learn from trained dancers and can opt for group & private dance classes personalized as per their individual needs. In addition to this, Ric Banks has gone further to teach great workout and isolating body movements in a choreographed routine. As a consequence, our yoga classes, karate classes and swing dance classes in Dubai are becoming popular in other cultures too.

It is something you will certainly enjoy no matter what’s your age and what’s your ability. Young people have a wonderful time dancing spontaneously and it’s one of the simple things that brings them joy.

Care To Dance? Choose Your Style Today

At Ric Banks, there are many styles to choose from and each one has its own characteristics. From our dedicated website, you can have a closer look at available dance styles and choose the one that meets your needs.

Our dynamic dance classes take place in a state of the art studio and are very popular among energetic youngsters. From beginners to intermediate and veteran, we are suited for everyone who wishes to realize their dancing passion. Some of the popular types of dances are: salsa classes in Dubai, Kizomba classes Dubai, Private salsa classes Dubai, bachata classes in Dubai, Zumba Classes and even conducting dance classes for kids in Dubai.

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