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January 17, 2019
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January 17, 2019

Paulo Coelho once said-“When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you.”

Dance and music are one of the art forms having a very old and rich history, one can consider its existence from the starting of mankind however the purpose and form of dance were different in different societies and civilizations. Due to the vital benefits of dance, it was accepted and being performed since ancient time in almost every civilization as it’s a great physical exercise involving both body and brain at the same time.

Dance classes in Dubai are a new buzz among people getting fed up of soul-sucking jobs, fast and busy lifestyle. They are trying new things new kind of activities to maintain their spark of life. Many dance classes in Dubai are offering group dance classes for beginners and professional From Bollywood to classical, hip hop to ballroom, jazz to ballet, salsa to sway, mambo to tango and modern dances.

Tango is a sensual Ballroom dance form originated in Buenos Aires Argentina in the early twentieth century. Basically, it’s a dance form performed by couple expressing an element of romance by means of sensual dance moves,

How to Tango

One can enroll in any of various dance classes in Dubai to learn how to tango, Ric Banks Dance Classes in Dubai is one of them making learning Tango fun and exciting under the guidance of professionals.

Why Choosing Tango

As showcased in various films as a medium of romance tango has become a very popular dance form. It allows you to make a strong connection with your partner and enjoy the sexy moves on Jazz, synchronizing your body on the beats require the involvement of body and brain which is a great way of mental and physical exercise. If you are in Dubai you should give Tango a try.

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