Beat the Heat with Yoga

January 17, 2019
Dancing In Dubai
January 17, 2019

Today’s fast life has brought more and more physical as well as psychological stress. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, frustration and uncontrolled emotions are suffocating our life and relationships. Mental and physical strength and calmness at the same time is an essential thing to survive peacefully.

Yoga is an ancient and comprehensive method of spiritual self-discovery having its root in over 5000 years of ancient Indian texts and traditions, the intention behind yoga was attainments of mental, spiritual and physical strength which is more relating in today’s era, it’s being accepted and practiced around the world.

Yoga classes in Dubai are getting popular among people of all ages because of its holistic care system, people are joining various studio yoga classes in Dubai to get physical mental and spiritual health.

Here are the few among many reasons one should join Yoga classes-

  • Physical fitness: Either you want to lose a little fat or to tone your body, yoga seems to fit your need perfectly.

From Ashtanga yoga to Bikram hot yoga and Bharat Thakur’s Artistic yoga, the various Asanas and physical movement allow your body to sweat and burn the fat rapidly.

  • A kind of Detoxification: More and more corporate firms, universities and institutes are organizing Yoga sessions for their students and professionals to tackle the work stress, mental stress, anxiety and insomnia, practicing various asana, pranayama and meditation help them to feel ‘mindfulness’.
  • Flexibility: Apart from the gym where you need to exercise heavy weight lifting a yoga class is a place where people practice Yogasana and stretch their body to get the flexibility, it gives the necessary flexibility and movement to each body parts and joints. It also reduces the chance of back pain, joint pain and slip disk.
  • Healthy lifestyle: people involving in yoga gradually get to know the benefit of these practices which not only activate their body but also their whole personality, it includes the awareness and need of choosing healthy and organic food and environment. It helps shaping their lifestyle and confidence to a new level.

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