Afrobeat Dance Classes in Dubai

Afrobeat is a new generation dance form which is a mix of traditional African dance and American street dance. This class is great for dancers of all levels – beginners are welcomed!

Afrobeat dance lesson is a mixture of African dances and rhythms. That will make you sweat and feel super cool under the incessant bit of African drums and quaint recitative. This lesson is based on a mix of three African musical genres and dances – Coupe-Decale, Azonto, Kuduro. We will talk about each direction separately.

Coupe-Decaleis a dance and music from Ivory Coast and it is widespread in West African countries as well as in the diaspora living in Paris. “Coupe” means to cut, and “Decale” – to move and the idea is that a person moves towards the goal and cuts / overcomes all obstacles in his path. Dance about strength, significance, and dance-self-expression.

Azonto (Azonto)  – dance and music come from Ghana. This is dance-communication, a real social dance. The goal of this dance style is to communicate because it was born in this way. Ghana was under the rule of Great Britain and the locals invented the only way to communicate with each other – a dance based on simple everyday movements that can tell about actions of the dancer, his intentions, thoughts, and feelings. That’s why every dance is unique and every movement implies meaning. Azonto afrobeat is very popular not only in Africa but also in Europe.

Kuduro (Kuduro)  is music that came to us from the African country of Angola and absorbed not only the rhythms of Africa but also all the trends of hip-hop and electronic music. Kuduro – a young direction, appeared in the 80is of the XX century. This one continued to develop and became known as Afrohouse. The music is characterized by a rather aggressive reading and a very tough bit.

AED 200/package of 4 classes

So don’t hesitate but just call us to join our Afrobeat dancing at Ric Banks Dance Academy in Dubai, Al Barsha.

Duration of the class – 60 minutes.

Afrobeat in Dubai – this is what you are looking for, isn’t it? Dress any convenient sportswear, sneakers and join the class.

Afrobeat Dance Classes

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