Salsa classes in Dubai is a popular form of social dance that originated in the Caribbean. The movements of salsa have origins in Cuban Son, cha-cha-cha, mambo and Puerto Rican bomba and plena and other dance forms.

Salsa is a dance of love and freedom. There are no regular couples in salsa. Changing partners allows you to learn mutual understanding in the dance between complete strangers. And having learned this, you can dance salsa in any club in the world, by communicating with a partner in the universal language of dance.

What is the advantage of joining salsa classes in Dubai at Ric Banks Dance and Fitness Centre?

1. We teach how to dance salsa very fast.
2. Our instructors are very professional and bring to the class the new tendencies in salsa dancing on a regular basis.
3. We provide you with the opportunity to develop your confidence and improve your dance skills at salsa with Dubai nights that we organise all over Dubai on weekly basis, minimum 2-3 times per week.
4. There are only 2 classes per week, 60 minutes each class.
5. If you don’t have a partner for the classes – we will sort it out for you.

This is the world where in every movement it feels lightness and freedom. Would you like to join this world? Call us now and join immediately the best salsa classes in Dubai by Ric Banks Dance and Fitness Centre. +971 52 292 2356.